7 Repairs Tips to Help You Sell Your Home Quicker

Are you looking at putting your home up for sale? Here are 7 repair tips that will make a quick sale!


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Our latest blog post outlines the most valuable repairs homeowners should consider making prior to listing a house for sale on the market. Not only will these repairs allow you to sell your home quicker, it will add more value to your property and likely result in a solid return on your investment.

Sellers should take into consideration the current condition of their homes and consult with a licensed, real estate agent to help them determine what types of upgrades will most likely lead to a positive outbiz.uae.

Below are some of the most important repairs you need to consider prior to listing your home:

Fix Damaged Floors

Old, broken floors that haven’t been maintained are not only a turn off to potential buyers, but they may also be a safety hazard. If you have old dated carpets, consider either replacing them or better yet, look into laminate flooring options as these are very budget-friendly floors that will look great and transform any room. Pavel Khaykin, a Massachusetts Cash Home Buyer says: “Be sure to replace carpeting that is worn out. If your hardwood flooring is in rough shape, invest in a professional biz.uapany to refinish the floors. It will do wonders and bring back the beauty of the flooring”.

Eliminate Water Stains

Water stains can be ugly. Any buyer that sees them may get a bad impression and get turned off as it may indicate a leak problem or a bad roof. Make sure you use a licensed plumber to evaluate the source of the leak to get it fixed prior to putting it on the market. Afterwards, add a fresh coat of paint over it.

Fix Broken Window Screens

This is something you can do on your own. If you have broken window screens, head down to a local home improvement store and purchase a DYI window repair kit. By fixing broken screens, it will make your home safer and more appealing.

Freshen Up Your Grout

If your grout in the bathroom or kitchen is yellow or has mold, it is a good idea to swap the grout in the bad areas. It will make your bathrooms and kitchens look cleaner, and is a super inexpensive project that either you can learn how to do on your own or by hiring a professional.

Make Sure Your Lawn is Presentable

When buyers arrive to your property, the first thing they will notice is your lawn and the front porch area. You want to make sure these areas as super clean and maintained. Purchase some nice plants or smaller bushes to add curb appeal and do some landscaping to get the property nicely organized.

Eliminate Signs of Pet Damage

If your home experienced damage from pets, you should consider getting it fixed prior to listing your property on the market. Evaluate things such as pet stains, scratches on the floor, and see if there is a remedy to inexpensively tackle addressing this problem.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Buyers love upgraded kitchens. Often times, kitchens can sell the entire house. If your kitchen is dated with old cabinets, consider re-painting them with a crisp, white color. Swap out door handles and hinges. If your counter tops are laminate, consider investing in granite tops (if your market demands it). You don’t always need to re-do the entire kitchen from scratch. If you can salvage your cabinets alone and do a cosmetic makeover, this will result in a significant improvement and buyers will appreciate it.

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How to Find the Right Furnace Filter

When the seasons change it can be time to button up or tend to the garden but most people don’t think about the quality of air in their home!

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And when the seasons change is the perfect time to change your home’s air filters. But, we rebiz.uamend not just choosing the first discount filter you see at Walmart.

There are some considerations that need to be put into replacing furnace filters. Sure there are plenty of options, but the decision is not as simple as spending your cash on the first one you see. A lot of furnace filters are available on the market, and each type serves a specific purpose. They also have different levels of efficiency when it biz.uaes to filtering out pollutants, dust, and dirt from your heat, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Quality does not biz.uae cheap, so you want to make sure that you get the right furnace filter for your humble abode. Read on to know more about the different types of furnace filters:

Pleated Disposable Filter

Pleated disposable filters are the most biz.uamon type of furnace filters. These have natural or man-made fibers with mesh exteriors that are in charge of trapping large particles. Pleated disposable filters are ideal for people with allergies because they can trap dust, allergens, and other dangerous air particulates. These are also very affordable, only need to be replaced every 90 days or so and some shops have hundreds of different HVAC filter sizes.

Pleated disposable furnace filters also have various efficiency ratings so check what your HVAC system needs before you buy because too low an efficiency could negatively impact your health and too high an efficiency may not be right for your furnace and could result in damage to the motor.

Electrostatic Filter

An Electrostatic filter has electrically charged fine strands of polyester. This attracts fine air particulates by using static electricity. The downside to having this kind of filter is that the electrostatic filters are not able to pick up larger air particulates – an issue that mechanical filters don’t have. There’s no need to replace Electrostatic filters, provided that they are manually cleaned at least once every three months.

To clean this type of furnace filter, you just have to remove it, spray it with water, and leave it in a shaded place to air-dry. You may use detergents and other cleaning solutions if there are exceptional amounts of debris and dirt.

Electronic Furnace Filter

Unlike the Electrostatic filter and the Pleated filter, the Electronic filter does not use fibers to capture air particulates. Instead, it attracts these air particulates by using an electronic grid of wires located all throughout the filter. These are the most efficient out of all the furnace filters and they need to be cleaned often. The key to cleaning this type of filter is using a strong cleaning solution that will not damage the metal biz.uaponent. Spray or scrub down the dishwasher to remove all the air and dust particles that are stuck inside.

HEPA Filter

The High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter can catch approximately 99% of potential pollutants that are present in the air. Unfortunately most HVAC systems are not biz.uapatible with HEPA filters. The blower motor lacks the force required to let the air pass through the dense filters. This can result to an air blockage, which will lead to damage and pricey repairs. Given this, it is best to check the manufacturer of your HVAC system before buying a HEPA filter.

The standard when it biz.uaes to cleaning out air quality particulates at home is the dleated disposable filter. These are affordable, convenient, and very easy to clean. Other types of furnace filters also do an excellent job at cleaning out air particulates, but you need to check with your HVAC system manufacturer first to check biz.uapatibility.

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